What Are You Doing to Get Fit?

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Green Smoothie


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I know I haven’t posted in a long while, but I thought that this is a great time to get back to it! Over the past several months I’ve completed a few personal goals! In March

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I signed the lease to my very own apartment and by the beginning of May I (drum roll) FINALLY got my license! There’s a great freedom that comes with having your own and doing for yourself. There’s also a great freedom that comes with knowing that you can do ANYTHING! In continuing with my personal goals, I’ve decided to get back on the healthy track. I’m going to get fit and healthy and stay fit and healthy!

Earlier this month I went to the doctor’s office. I looked at the scale. I think I’ve said enough. :) That very day I became a member of the green smoothie club! I’ve found that I really enjoy a homemade green smoothie much more than I thought I would. I’m a major fan of NAKED Juice’s Green Machine, but there’s nothing like making something yourself. When made with only fruit, veggies and ice, a green smoothie leaves me feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go about my day. It took a few tries to get the right consistency but I think I’ve finally got it! Check out some pics below!


One fresh peach

One fresh peach

Fresh Spinach (it actually froze a little while in the fridge, but it was FRESH!!!)

Fresh Spinach (it actually froze a little while in the fridge, but it was FRESH!!!)

Add ice then crush.

Add ice then crush.

Add spinach, then crush some more.

Add spinach, then crush some more.

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Add peach, 1-2 cups chopped FRESH pineapple, a few splashes of orange juice...

Add peach, 1-2 cups chopped FRESH pineapple, a few splashes

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of orange juice…



Pour into a glass, add a pretty straw and sip :)

Pour into a glass, add a pretty straw and sip :)

You can always add a frozen fruit to keep the smoothie cold if you don’t want to use ice (or even if you do want to use ice). I recommend freezing fresh fruit instead of buying frozen fruit.

What are you doing to get fit?










8 thoughts on “What Are You Doing to Get Fit?

  1. Great post Greer! Congratulations on obtaining your license. What am I doing to get fit? I got tired of the scale inching upward too.. .so I joined our health & wellness program at the church and doing water aerobics. Getting fit takes commitment and I know you can do it! Oh, by the way, I am now down 6 1/2 lbs with a lot more to go, lol..

  2. That actually looks good. I’ve tried the naked green machine b4 but I didn’t like it. Thought about maybe trying it again but I think yours will be better. My hairdresser says she uses avocados in her smoothies too.

  3. I’ve been doing Zumba and hip hop abs to get fit. And I’ve been watching what I eat. I allow myself to cheat on the wkds. I already do chicken fish and turkey a lot. Beef and pork in moderation. Trying to cut back on the cheese. Lord help me! And more fruits and veggies

  4. That’s whats up bud. Congrats on all accomplishments, now and in the future. I’ve actually dropped 20lbs doing herbal cleansing. I’ve cut meat out of maybe 70% of my diet. And for the most I only drink water. And course, you know my workout schedule… ;-). I should be “beach ready” in no time lol. Peace. Love & Respect.

    • Hi Olivia! If you mix it good enough, the spinach (or whatever leafy greens you choose) won’t be very overpowering. Sometimes, you can taste it a little, but usually, I can’t. Give it a whirl, and let me know what you think. I generally use kale which I love, and I’ve also tried swiss chard, which was actually very good!

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